Bulyoyyk Cave

Bulyoyyk Cave, nestled in the mesmerizing Mangystau region, stands as a captivating testament to the allure of mysterious subterranean worlds. This natural wonder, discovered in 1959, has swiftly ascended to become one of the region’s premier tourist attractions, drawing visitors from far and wide.

Situated 350 kilometers from Aktau, Bulyoyyk Cave is a colossal karst cave, proudly claiming the title of the largest in Ustyurt. Positioned within the southeastern expanse of Ustyurt, approximately 52 kilometers southeast of Karynzharyk, the cave beckons adventurers with a unique topography. Accessible through a 50-meter-long depression, 6 to 15 meters wide, and about 7 meters deep, the journey to the cave itself is an adventure through varied landscapes, including caves of the Middle Sarmatians and limestone formations marked by nature’s artistry.

The enigmatic Bulyoyyk Cave, partitioned into three distinct sections, unveils its grandeur through dimensions that defy imagination: 15-20 meters in length, 8-10 meters in width, and soaring to heights of 15-30 meters. The trapezoidal cross-section of its rooms and uneven domed ceilings add to the mystique, while a level floor enhances accessibility. Of particular note is the third section, featuring a small, azure lake measuring 20×10 meters at its base. The lake’s water, with a salty and sour taste, maintains a temperature ranging from +10 to +13 degrees.

Embarking on a journey to Bulyoyyk Cave requires overcoming challenges posed by the lengthy and obstacle-laden route. Negotiating loose soil, swamps, and mud along a rugged dirt road demands the use of a robust SUV, ideally with an experienced driver. Essential equipment, including a long rope and a flashlight, becomes a travel companion as the cave unfolds its underground wonders.

Descending into the cave proves a formidable challenge, taking around 1-1.5 hours, while the ascent requires only 30 minutes. It’s crucial to note the absence of communication infrastructure on this remote route, rendering mobile phones ineffective.

Beyond Bulyoyyk, Ustyurt boasts similar karst wonders, such as the nearby Utebay Cave just 10 kilometers away. For enthusiasts of natural lowlands and caves, the exploration extends to the Karynzharyk depression, unveiling a tapestry of awe-inspiring caverns.

In essence, the Bulyoyyk Cave is a testament to the geological marvels found exclusively in Ustyurt, offering intrepid travelers an unforgettable encounter with the mysterious depths of Mangystau’s landscape.