Bozzhyra tract

The Bozzhyra tract stands out as one of the foremost sacred sites in Mangystau, emerging as a symbol of the region. Scientific research indicates that this remarkable locale was shaped by the disintegration of mountain formations millions of years ago.

Photo by Farkhat Kabdykhaiyrov

Situated 300 kilometers from the heart of the Mangystau region, the city of Aktau, the Bozzhyra tract is positioned within the Karakiyansky district. This natural monument showcases extraordinary desert landscapes sculpted by limestone formations, featuring iconic stone pillars that soar up to 250 meters in height. The captivating scenery and geological formations of Bozzhyra make it a compelling destination for those seeking to explore the unique and ancient wonders of Mangystau.

The Bozzhyra gorge has emerged as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the country, capturing the imagination of all who have heard about it. The dream of visiting this place is fueled by the anticipation of witnessing the extraordinary view that stands as a testament to nature’s exceptional creativity. As you approach the area, the breathtaking landscape unfolds, and it becomes challenging to fathom that these details are the product of the natural ingenuity laid out before our eyes.

Photo by Yerbolat Shadrakhov

The «fangs» are the first striking feature that greets travelers exploring the Bozzhyra tract. These limestone peaks, reaching heights of up to 200 meters, loom majestically above the chalk mound, creating a mesmerizing sight.

While traversing the gorge, one may chance upon snail shells and even shark teeth, adding an intriguing touch to the natural wonders found in the area.

Nature in Bozzhyra surprises with its genuine craftsmanship, weaving together a captivating blend of white stone, canyons, peaks, mountain towers, and land. The gorge itself presents a striking spectacle, resembling a colossal valley that could serve as the perfect backdrop for a cinematic masterpiece. In this place, every facet of nature comes together in a unique symbiosis, leaving indelible memories for those adventurous enough to gaze upon this extraordinary natural wonder.

Photo by Aleksandr Kuznetsov

If you find yourself fortunate enough to be in this region, make sure to visit the Bozzhyra tract and revel in its breathtaking scenery. Local travel agencies highly recommend planning your visit during the months of April-May and September-October. During winter, the unrelenting Mangistau wind poses challenges, while the summer months bring scorching temperatures. Opting for warm, calm weather ensures the optimal conditions to fully appreciate this natural marvel.

It’s worth noting that the Bozzhyra gorge holds a place in the list of specially protected areas in the Mangystau region. Consequently, it is advisable to refrain from any actions that could harm the environment. Leaving no environmental footprint behind is the best practice when exploring and enjoying the beauty of this remarkable site.