Blue bay

In the sacred Mangystau region, there exist awe-inspiring places shaped by the mysterious forces of nature, yet not widely known. Gorges, distinctive rock formations, intricate canyons, natural tiramisu, and ravines sculpted by diverse elements — all these natural wonders grace this area.

One such gem is the «Blue Bay» or, as the locals refer to it, «63rd kilometer.» This secluded beach has captured the hearts of tourists with its exceptional beauty. The bay stands out with its unique combination of crystal-clear waters, golden sand, and the complementary presence of rocky formations, creating a landscape of vivid colors.

The Paradise Beach, Mangystau’s crown jewel, lies on the route from Aktau to Fort Shevchenko. For those eager to witness this enchanting beach, travel 63 kilometers to Fort Shevchenko and take a left turn. Drive an additional 10 kilometers on a dirt road, and a breathtaking landscape awaits. An SUV is recommended for the journey. The nearest village to the beach is Kyzylozen, located 33 kilometers north of Blue Bay, while the Tupkaragan Peninsula is 30 kilometers away.

Previously a popular retreat for locals, this hilly area has now become a favored destination for tourists. In sunny weather, many visitors set up tents on the shore, extending their stays for several days. The sea water takes on a characteristic turquoise hue during hot summer days.

Surrounding the beach are steppe plants, shrubs, and wormwood, offering a picturesque setting. In the fall, the area becomes a berry-picking haven. The sandy beach is home to snakes, turtles, and lizards, while swans, wild geese, ducks, and, with luck, distant sightings of gazelles or saigas wandering the bay add to the wildlife charm.

Adjacent to the beach is the intriguing «Devil’s Finger,» a popular spot for diving enthusiasts due to its clear and clean waters. Should you choose to visit Blue Bay, a destination rivaling the Maldives, please remember to clean up after yourself, as the conscientious care of nature is our shared responsibility.